Convenient way to make multipage documents from scanned pages?


is there a convinient way to use LibreOffice to make multipage-PDF files in some kind of automatic workflow? Yet the only way where I just need to switch pages on the scanner is using Photoshop and the PDF-presentation export.

But there must be a convinient way with LibreOffice, or? The builtin Twain-Import isn’t really useful I must say, since it doesn’t support onthefly rotation or cutting of the pages.

I suggest you batch-scan your files using your scanner tool[1] (if you don’t have one, IrfanView has a nice batch-scanning feature) and then batch-import them into Impress using the “PhotoAlbum” extension as a convenience function to insert many images in one go instead of having to go to Insert|image all the time.

If the goal is to create PDFs from the scans, then this should be a quick and convenient way to do it.

[1] “Yet the only way where I just need to switch pages on the scanner” - not sure whether this means “The only case where I cannot use the automatic document feeder of my scanner” or whether you meant something else.

Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile: I only got a allinone-printer with flatbedscanner, so no document-feeder, would be difficult on newspaperarticles, too :slight_smile: I will try your solution and see if it’s better than using Photoshop. Thank you very much!