Conversion Calc to Excel

I want to converse a LibreCalc document to Excell, because my companion can not open the LibreCalcversion.
What to do?
Roelof Klem

Normally Excel can open ODS format.
Maybe your partner has a wrong file association in the operating system.
He should open Excel and then open the Calc ODS.

Otherwise you can save your file as XLS with “Save as…”.

If you need to create documents in an external format:

  1. Make sure that you work and store your data with native file formats (ODS for Calc) if possible - because storing your data in any external file format will result in some problems like formatting loss or formatting mess;
  2. Use File|Save a Copy and choose the saved file type to store to an external format that you pass to your companion.

Calc is much more polite than Excel: it is much better at reading and writing documents in opponent’s formats. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! it works.

Please tell us, how?