Conversion of Writer Equations to MS Word .DOCX

Hello! I would like to convert Writer equations to Word .DOCX format. However, it seems that the converted equations default to 12 point Cambria / Cambria Math font. Is there any way that I control what will be the font or the size after the conversion?
Thanks in advance!

Equations in LO are handled by the Math component, a companion to Writer, Draw or Impress. Though Math lags years behind the others regarding formatting, font configuration is controlled by menu Format>Fonts. Size for equation components is controlled by menu Format>Font Size.

A word of caution: the settings take effect after their modification and do not change other existing formulas. This means you must edit every existing equation in your document.

As I dropped M$ Word usage decades ago, I can’t test if Cambria 12pt is your present document global font or if it is a conversion issue.

Also, don’t save .docx without need. Always keep any document for any application in native format. Even if you must (emboldened to insist on absolute necessity) send as .docx to external recipients, always keep your working copy in native .odt native format and send only a converted copy. This will spare you many problems with the repetitive cumulating conversions to/from alien format (one conv when you open, another conv when you save). Many formatting features don’t survive conversions.

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Dear @ajlittoz, I meant that regardless of the Font/Font size setting for the equation the conversion to .docx defaults to Cambria/12 pt. Unfortunately the real world is not ideal and many official publishers such as IEEE do not accept .odt, only .tex/.doc/.docx. I do love the LO program though, and wish that there would be a way to fix these minor issues.

Cambria Math is hardcoded; see “HACK: MSOffice2007 does not import characters properly unless this font is explicitly given” in starmath/source/ooxmlexport.cxx.

Patches are welcome :wink:

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Are you suggesting that I change the LO code? In the link I noticed the Cambria font but not the 12 point size. Is the 12 pt there also?