Conversion pdf to docx in libreoffice 7.6, collapsing all in one page

Why this command works in 6.4 version and doesn’t in 7.6, it’s just collapsing all in one page

libreoffice7.6 --convert-to “docx:MS Word 2007 XML” test.pdf --infilter=“writer_pdf_import” --headless

Possibly because of a bug? Which more specific answer could another user give on this user-to-user Ask site, without even seeing a specific test.pdf - when in fact, a bug report was needed…

Ref: tdf#157589 (where the author copied the command from here, unfortunately - twice unfortunately, because @laflame didn’t format the command line as code here, and then copied the “formatted” command, which won’t work because of wrong quotes…)

It wouldn’t work even with single quotes

The point was: you must provide correct procedure in the report; otherwise, the unrelated errors in the procedure would interfere with the actual problem that you explain; e.g., I expect the first answer there to be something like "it doesn’t work because you use instead of "", and some back-and-forth communication just to settle that…

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