Convert drawing to MSWord Picture

I want to be able to create drawings for a friend who uses MSWord. And I myself want to use LibreOffice Draw.
I am following the instructions that I found in an earlier question:

  1. I create a drawing in LibreOffice Draw, that includes letters inserted with a Text Box.
  2. I then copy it, and paste it in LibreOffice Writer using Paste Special → More Options… → GDI Metafile
  3. I then copy it and paste it in MSWord with Paste Special → Enhanced Metafile

The picture looks great.

descripción de la imagen

But when I try to “Edit Picture” all text becomes black-filled rectangles!

descripción de la imagen

Please help!

Try to export from Draw as WMF, and insert in Word.

Also you can export as EMF, and in Word select the text box, and choose without fill.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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As @LeroyG says Export from Draw. The question you refer to is quite old and might find obstacles that don’t exist any more

  1. Select the objects you want
  2. Click File > Export. In the dialog that opens tick the box that says Selection. In the Save as Type field choose WMF or EMF as suggested. If the current version of Word can display SVG then I would recommend that format, I know Word 2010 cannot. Choose a name and location and click Save.
  3. Another dialog box will appear asking for size but you can just OK that if everything is vector or text
  4. In Word click Insert > Picture and navigate to your saved .emf or .wmf and click Insert button.

Note that you can also export as PNG (raster format) but you will need to alter resolution to suit. Typically, 300 dpi at final size is plenty, even for a 1200 dpi home printer. A peculiarity of the resolution dialog in Export as PNG (or other raster) is that you have memorise one of the dimensions, adjust the resolution, then re-enter the original size back into the field.Cheers, Al