Convert from CSV to XLSX from console with specific delimiter

Hey everyone,

I can already convert from CSV to XLSX via command line on Windows 7 thanks to this post, but it only uses a comma (,) as delimiter.

My current command looks like this:

start /wait soffice --headless --convert-to xlsx:“Calc MS Excel 2007 XML” file_to_convert.csv

I already tried it with specific filter options, but they only seem to work when any format is convertet to CSV

start /wait soffice --convert-to xlsx:“Calc MS Excel 2007 XML”:59/9,34,0,1,1 “file_to_convert.csv”

Do you have any advice how to use tabs and/or semicolon(:wink: as a delimiter during this conversion?

You need to use --infilter command line option with CSV filter options, like shown e.g. here.

Thank you for the fast response, it works great