Convert HTML to PDF, some table css not carrying over.

Hello, I’m performing this in --headless mode. Basically, most of the css makes it over except for for the vertical-align: top; property of the table, thus making my table look very messy. Looks fine in the HTML file. I’ve tried other css variations on all tags relating to the table and individually as well with no luck.

How do I get the text in my table to vertically align to the top when I convert it to a PDF.

Does LibreOffice show the vertical align correctly when run interactively? (You only refer to headless conversion mode.)

If it does not, then it’s not a conversion problem, but missing support in import filter, which should be reported to Bugzilla (along with a text HTML attached and screenshots/PDFs to show the problem).

Hi !

May be you should use PDFcreator, sometimes it’s better with it !

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