Convert odm to pdf using via cli

Is it possible to convert an odm master file to pdf using the command line interface?

I was of the impression that this would work:

soffice.exe --convert-to pdf *odm

but it doesn’t export the subdocument to pdf, just the text in the master odm file.

Did I allucinate that?

An ODM file is a container file that normally opens predefined subdocuments when opened after an update question is confirmed.
That is, the ODM with its subdocuments is complete only when it is opened.
Now I have no imagination how your command or any other parameter command should cause ODM with subdocument to be exported as a PDF.

I also have no idea if it would be possible with a macro or an executable script. These are not my skills.

Starting LibreOffice Software With Parameters

Install a PDF printer and try:

soffice.exe --pt PDF_Printer Master.odm

this won’t work for odm files because the resulting pdf won’t have rendered the subdocuments. I get the same results as using --converto-to pdf method

I guess, at this point it’s time to finally file a bug report :wink: