Convert ODS to CSV from command line

Hi, im trying to run a simple script in AHK to convert ODS file to SCV one, and i dont understand where to get parameers from…

what would be the correct syntax to convert test.ods to test.csv ?

First of all you need to know that you cannot actually convert ods to csv, but only export one single sheet at a time without its calculating functionality. For cells containing formulae you only have the choice to export the formulae or the results.
Then you need to specify (at least) the field delimiter and the text quotation character, if any.
Start reading How to convert specific sheet to CSV via command line? and chapter 12.4.6 of “ Macros Explained” by Andrew Pitonyak.
As I dont’t know how to select the one sheet to export via the commandline, I would prefer to create one special LibO spreadsheet document with a “macro” as a kind of batch processor for the task. By that I can open the files to process, and get full access to them via the API. (E.g. I can export all the sheets one by one to split files.) This batch processor sheet can then in turn be called with a commandline like you find it here (post “by antekg » Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:18 pm)”: [Basic] Convert ods to csv via commandline (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum.
See also: How do I export all sheets from a spreadsheet? (No specific FilterOptions set here.)

Exporting all/selected pages using command line is implemented now in tdf#135762, available in 7.2/7.3. No UI yet.