Convert .odt to .doc or .docx

While trying to convert mydocument.odt to .docx or .doc with UNOCONV it fails with:

Properties: (({ Name = (string)“FilterName”, Handle = (long)0x0, Value = (any){ (string)“Office Open XML Text” }, State = ( }, ({ Name = (string)“Overwrite”, Handle = (long)0x0, Value = (any){ (boolean)true }, State = ( }, ({ Name = (string)“OutputStream”, Handle = (long)0x0, Value = (any){ ({, supportedInterfaces={,}} }, State = ( })

Using SOFFICE it makes a corrupted or something like that file .docx

I suspect that I need to export my styles or what? Because converting simple file with one plain word works good!

Appreciate your help :slight_smile:

It is possible that some very special layout or formatting arrangement in the document is causing the conversion failure. This, unfortunately, is to be expected in some circumstances when converting from one format to another.

But it is not clear why you are using UNOCONV to change the format. What happens when you simply use LibreOffice menu File → Save As… and choose one of the several .doc or .docx options from the format menu?

@ve3oat I want to do it using CLI or Python, not manually via GUI Application

@anwiqnwww OK, now I understand. (Sorry that I can not help you with that.) You should edit your original question above to include that information so that someone knowledgeable can address it.