Convert Openoffice Base Fields

I imported a table through calc to base but the numerical column is now text. How can I convert the thousands of cells in that column from text back to integers? I am using OpenOffice 4.1.5 (no SQL).


Your conversion of where you actually started is not quite clear.

If you were using OpenOffice Base to start you should be able to simply open that .odb in LO without a problem. You should also be able to copy the table from OpenOffice and then paste in LO Base.

If you started from a Calc sheet how did you move the data? If you had the table pre-defined there should be no problem. Maybe you have just created a table based upon a CSV file in which case it is all in the import and how you accepted the defaults. If from the spreadsheet how the data was defined there makes a difference also.

If after this you are still having a problem, more information on exactly what you did is necessary. As you can see there are many possible variations.