Convert pptx to PDF not rendering emojis in color

Hi there,

I’m struggling to get emojis to render in color when converting an office document to PDF. This is the command I’m using:

libreoffice --headless --convert-to pdf --outdir . emojis.pptx

I have tried adding this font:

libreoffice --headless --infilter="Text (encoded):UTF8, Segoe UI Emoji” --convert-to pdf --outdir . emojis.pptx

as well as various combinations of environment variables as I read that Skia had to be enabled to render color emojis. Didn’t seem to work.

The emojis show up as color if I actually open the UI, but only monochrome when exporting as commandline.


Do they also render in color in PDF, when exported to PDF from the UI?

Thanks mike, no they don’t export in color from the UI.

And which version of LibreOffice do you use?

Sorry, I should have included that version in my first post.

LibreOffice 9d0b4c0791fc17bc4181a67fd90c5aaed576d1c0

Maybe tdf#151057.

Thank you, appreciate this!