Convert to PDF page setup


I am trying to convert excel files to PDF using the command line --convert option provided. The coversion works with only 1 issue.

I want to scale the generated PDF to 1 page wide and not to break up the output into pages. I did not find any command line options to do that, is that possible ?

I can also work with a setup where we first change the page setup for the excel file using the command line and then run the convert. Is that possible ?

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Hi Anon,

I don’t know of any mechanism for

  • Scaling the width of the PDF
  • Ensuring no page breaks in the PDF

Unless someone has a good suggestion for you in the next week or so, I suggest that you file an enhancement bug or two – perhaps one for the width-scaling and one for creating a PDF with no page breaks. Don’t forget to mark your bugs with ‘enhancement’. The QA team will be happy to help you triage your feature request in the bugtracker.

Please post a link to any bugs you file in a comment below using the format “fdo#123456”.