Convert .txt to .ppt


Is there a possibility to transform unformatted text into impress files?
I should transform txt, so that people can follow on screens, while listening.

For sure, this is possible with copy paste, but I am looking for a method to do it automatically, because I have a lot of text.

I found solultions with convert-to, but I did not manage to have a result.

Thank you very much for your help.
(I am using LibreOffice on Windows 10.)


I don’t think this is possible, not at least in the manner you are asking. You cannot turn unformatted text into a PPT or ODP automatically. How would a program know where to start the next slide??

If you ask Google, you will find all sorts of methods to convert plain, formatted text such as Markdown to other formats.

If your text actually does have a format, but it is idiosyncratic, you would have to write a program or script yourself.

That sounds logic.Thank you.