Convert .xlsx to .odt with copy of data

I imported an excel spreadsheet, but it seems to import as a reference to the excel file. I would like to import the data, maintaining column headings and data types and then save as… a different file. Excel is not appropriate for the application and I’m trying to create an entirely new file and then tweak formatting and data types, etc. Once I import excel I cannot change field types etc. This should be simple but I cannot find a solution. Thanks for any help.

Unless you give a special meaning to word “import”, edit your question to explain your import procedure.

The simplest way is to open your spreadsheet with Calc. If it does not work with a double-click (it launches Excel), open Calc first and File>Open on your spreadsheet.

While you’re at it, explain why you tagged base and convert-to-base. Is this a database application? If not, retag to at least add tag calc and eventually remove base if no DB is involved (same for convert-to-base). With correct tagging, you’ll be able to contact the right people.

Don’t forget to mention your OS and LO version.