Convert xlsx to PDF date is wrong formatted

I have an excel file with a date formatted 11.08.2020 Locale: German (Austria)

Sorry screenshot is in german

I convert this now with the english version of libre office on centOS to PDF via the command line:
/opt/libreoffice7.0/program/soffice --headless --convert-to pdf --outdir /tmp /tmp/testfile.xlsx

Now the PDF show the date 8/11/2020 what is now wrong formatted
image description

Same with version 6.2

Is there any parameter i forgot that the right formatting is used? or is this a bug in libreoffice?

The * in Excel format means “use system format” (see Excel help), so it’s not fixed to “German (Austria)”, but set to “use whatever is current on the system that this document opens on”. If you open this file in Excel on English system, you will also see the cell formatted differently.

Note that LibreOffice does not use system date format, but for the purposes of “current”, uses built-in defaults for locale defined in its Language Settings under Options. (There is tdf#73242 to also use system settings.)

Just use explicit format in Excel, without asterisk, to not depend on varying environment.

thanks for the quick answer! helped a lot

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