Converting a simple offer/billing sheet to calc from google sheet

Main reason is that it doesn’t need to be online at all times

This is a simple effort helping a Syrian tailer getting a little billing system without burning holes in his pockets and dusting of my brain a bit.

OK here we go

In the billing tab

you can type the product sku and the product and price is fetched from the invoicedata data tab.

I managed to get this bolted together with some heavy watching some examples.

It doesn’t convert very well to Libreoffice

When looking at the solution it needs to have a little flexibility if he wants to put another price directly in the bill despite the fact that it’s given from the invoicedata tab.

In above sample it’s kind of locked. And he could use the flexibility it would give him if the “looked up” content was just “pasted” into the bill/invoice.

Any tips is welcome on how to fetch and paste the info from the other tab/another sheet, with as much flexibility for him to change his pricing on the fly to make a good offer etc.