Converting footnotes (imported from Scrivener) into footnote style

Hi I am using LO on Mac. I am wiring an academic thesis on Scrivener which then compiles into a LO document. Citations are handled by a Zotero-Scrivener workaround and end up beautifully formatted in LO in Footnote style. However non-citation footnotes (created as footnotes in Scrivener) are compiled to LO as footnotes but do not have the Footnote style because Scrivener doesn’t ‘do’ styles. These footnotes end up with the Default style and so look different. It is perfectly possible to select each one individually and apply the Footnote style - but in a document of 100,000 words plus this is tedious - and as I am approaching the end game of my thesis I am emailing my supervisor a new draft of the complete document each week. So - is there a global way of selecting these ‘non Footnote style’ footnotes and converting them to Footnote style?

Hi, well so long as you’re not using Default style anywhere else in your document, then a simple find replace paragraph styles would do the trick.
If not, then the alternative Find & Replace add on is your saviour.
If you haven’t already installed it, then you can get it from here

The help page is here

and you can do a global search for all the text in footnotes with this command


[that’s two back slashes, not sure how it’s displaying it]

then just select the style to be footnote and you should be done