Converting number to month name in Base

I am doing a libreoffice Base report and want to convert a number in the report to a month name, i.e. 4 becomes April.

I tried the Choose function, but either I am using it wrong or it does not work. Any ideas?


The information you have provided is sparse.

Look at this post → Conversion of number field to month name in Base report

Edit 2021-07-19:


It is not helpful to respond to this question on the linked post. People looking for answers on he other post and seeing your response are not clear as to what is meant.

In response to your comment, you can use an if statement in the data field:

Have this statement for the first four months:

if([month_entered] = 1; "January";if([month_entered] = 2; "February";if([month_entered] = 3; "March";"April")))

Based upon answer placed in linked post, this worked for me:

CHOOSE([month_entered]+ 1; ""; "January";"February";"March";"April";"May";"June";"July";"August";"September";"October";"November";"December")

where month_entered is an integer of 1 to 12


Must be a bug. From Base manual Chapter 6 Reports this:


Returns “Pear” and it works OK. Change to:


should return “Apple” but returns nothing.

In Calc this works correctly.