Converting page by page for command line conversion

Hi, I’ve been using LibreOffice on ubuntu to convert, using command-line, docx/xlsx/pptx to pdf. However the machine I plan to deploy it on has very restricted memory (it could probably give ~500mb max to libreoffice). This means I can’t really work on larger files (tested a ~330mb pptx file that ended up using 760mb of memory during conversion).

I was wondering if it is possible to instead convert page by page or specify a page/page range from command-line (into separate pdfs if need be) and if that would still require LibreOffice to load the full file or whether I could gain some memory savings.

I’m also open to any other suggestions to reduce memory usage or whether Libreoffice has any disk caching of some sort such that it wont be limitted (albeit slower) by the memory limit.

Use another machine witl less restrictions Windows, MS Office and a virtual PDF printer.

In to-be-released-this-summer 7.4:

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