Converting Xlsx documents

When I try export PDF like this:

I have 2 problems, there are no bookmarks in result pdf and Sheet is not printing whole (I have empty a lot of empty place):

Hi. Are you sure you wanted to enable Whole Sheet export given that there is a lot of blank space in the pdf? From Help button on export as pdf dialogue box:

Whole sheet export

Ignores each sheet’s paper size, print ranges and shown/hidden status and puts every sheet (even hidden sheets) on exactly one page, which is exactly as small or large as needed to fit the whole contents of the sheet.

Adobe Reader warns that “The dimensions of this page are out-of-range. page content might be truncated”. The shown size of 1628 mm x 5080 mm is rather large. There are two pdf pages which is unexpected given the Help quote above.

Maybe you could post the example xlsx that the pdf was generated from? Add .ods to the end of the file name and post here using the Upload icon (up pointing arrow).

Why? If the file contained two sheets, they would each get a separate one-page PDF output.

Example.xlsx.ods (709.7 KB)
I had 2 sheets and I wanted to convert each sheet on exactly one page

Example.xlsx.ods (709.7 KB)

This is a bug in the Whole Sheet export feature. Please file it.


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