copy and paste changes values / corrupts clipboard.

In a typical scenario, I need to copy data I’ve created in Calc into an email (outlook)

In column N I have:

Storage Each Month

Total CPU, Storage, Licensing

In column O I have:




However, when I copy the values from this Calc spreadsheet into Word, or even into this web site column O has the following values:




There are no formulas in these cells, these are just values. Technically there is $ formatting on these cells, so they render in Calc as dollar values.

I can reliably copy the 10 Cells to other sheets in Calc, but I can’t copy them out anywhere without all numeric values becoming corrupted. I thought this might be a bug, so I upgraded to from 6.1.x however that doesn’t change anything (although, the installer completely breaks Explorer, so that might be something the team wants to look at as well).

I suspect the problem is there is a bug in Calc’s paste as… values option. That would mean that even though the resultant cells contain ‘values’, the application doesn’t de-reference the copied cells properly.

As an example, if I enter the following into sequential lines in Calc:




and copy and paste those cells in here, they render as :




The result is the same if the copied cells do contain formulas as it is if you copied and pasted from formula cells in a ‘paste as’ and then copy those value cells to another application. This effectively prohibits using Calc with any functions until the bug is fixed because there is no way to export the data without opening up the document in Excel 365. Also, I don’t think users should need to paste as values and re-copy in order to prevent clipboard corruption (if that actually worked). The application should be able to dereference the displayed values of the cells so that the data doesn’t corrupt in the clipboard.

Is it possible that the offending application here is not Calc but Outlook which simply doesn’t know how to properly treat the formatting code for each of the “values” that you are copying and pasting?

Can you copy the same values from Calc into a text editor like Notepad++ (not MS-Notepad)? (I just tried a simple example and it seemed to work fine for date, time, independent value, and calculated value.) Keep in mind that formatting is a complex thing and formats are often lost when transferring data from one application to another.

You could try removing the dollar format before copying.