Copy and paste hangs system

Has anyone else noticed that when base is open the copy and paste functions (keyboard or mouse) hang the system for 2-3 seconds. For example I copy a url from a field in base and it gets stuck for 2-3 seconds then when I go to my browser to paste it takes 2 or 3 trys before it actually pastes something. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this?


Sorry to hear that copy-paste isn’t working for you. The best thing for you to do is to file a bug report over here:

Please provide information about :

  • The version of LO you’re using
  • What Operating System you’re using (and version)
  • A short description of what isn’t working (“I double-clicked on the icon and instead of the program opening, my monitor turned into a pumpkin”, etc…)

Good luck!

Resetting the user profile, sometimes solve strange problems: