Copy and paste image doesn't work Impress

I want to copy an image from a webpage onto an Impress document (Version:
Using Microsoft Office, I would right click (or highlight the image and press CTRL+C) and copy and then paste (or CTRL+V) in the Powerpoint. However, this does not work in Impress. Either a small square appears with no image, or some text appears. I have tried PNG, JPEG and BMP files, however none of these will successfully “Paste”.

Having read and tried a few suggestions, could someone tell me how to copy and paste in Impress please?

from a webpage

There a millions of websites on this planet and every site is designed differently. Could you please provide a sample website(URL) and specify the element of that website which you can’t CTRL+C and CTRL+V?

Please do **not** use *Add Answer* but **[edit](** your original question to enhance the details of your question. If you are at it, please also provide your operating system to avoid false assumptions based an your mention of *Microsoft Office*. Thanks in advance …

Thank you for your reply. I have tried to copy the QR code from this page link text. I believe it is a PNG file.

I don’t see any problem to copy the QR code from my profile and paste into LibreOffice Impress 7.0 (and "yes"the QR code image is a PNG file as you can see by the link to the file

  • Are you using some external, third party clipboard manager?
  • Have you tried your procedure while running in LibreOffice’s Safe Mode (Help -> Restart in Safe Mode)?
  • Are you able to paste into LibreOffice Writer?

BTW: The QR Code only contains "Opaque" as text.