Copy and Paste images does not place image into document

Paste into a document results in an open window with the picture icon and “image1” in upper left most corner

What a shame that the replies do not attempt answers.The question was not “how do I optimize an image I want to extract from a file I opened in Writer”, the gist seems to be to have been "what in LibreOffice writer is preventing images from, for example, a Word file, a file opened in Writer from being copied or edited in external software. They are clearly visible in the original document, but cannot be extracted from the “frame” that LibreOffice has them embedded in. This creates what so far is an insurmountable obstacle to making use of older files and reviving the use of images and material of which they are a trove. I want, and I hope this is closely related to the OP, to extract the images (copy) and use them independently fof the original file, in new files of my making. I wish I could overcome the obstacles or identify them, in LibreOffice writer. Suggestions if anyone has them?

Hello @bwp123,
Please, read @robleyd answer a few comments below. And see an image here.

I have quit using LibreOffice - too much of a hassle.

Sorry to read that. Anyway, you can find friends here.

You used the tag Common which refers to all the LibreOffice applications. Assuming you are using Writer, go to the menu option View and ensure Images and Charts is selected.

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Never use the Copy/Paste method for the images what you get from a foreign source.

Always optimize the images before you insert them into your document.

(Adjust the resolution [DPI], color depth, physical size and the file type with a third party image editor/manager software.)

Then insert the image into your document by the regular way (from the menu): Insert - Image

@Zizi64 wrote:

Never use the Copy/Paste method for the images what you get from a foreign source.

Is never not a bit too absolute? It always depends of circumstances and personal experience and the use of a document in future (sketch? print out? documentation? quick and dirty response? …). - Cheers

“Is never not a bit too absolute?”

In my opinion: is not. If you not know anything about the DPI, the color depth, the physical size, and the type of the image, then the Copy/Paste can cause many of mistakes. Huge file size, high memory consupting, slowened open procedure, program crash, etc…

The older version did not require all of these pre-paste steps. I am not a computer genius but these steps are frustrating, time consuming. Never had to optimize pic before and makes OfficeDepot harder to use.

“The older version did not require all of these pre-paste steps.”

All of versions and all of text editor softwares require these steps. Yes, you can insert the pictures without these steps, but the result never will be optimal.