Copy causes LibreOffice Writer to Crash

I’m running LibreOffice on Windows 8 Release Preview. Whenever I try to copy text in Writer, LibreOffice crashes. This happens whether I use CTRL+C, the Edit menu, or right click. I’m running an AMD FX-6200 with 16GB of RAM and a 120GB SSD.

There was similar problem with LibO in Windows 8 Iibreoffice crashes windows 8
Try to reset user profile as decribed here

Resetting the User Profile as outlined in solved it. Thank you!

Yes, it is Java, but a simple thing. On Options > Libreoffice > Advanced, then in “JREs (Java Runtime Environments) already installed:” box, first column, the ball MUST BE checked.

My experience with faulty behavior of copy/pasting or even typing always has something to do with Java.

Do you have Java installed? Or at least a Java version provided by Oracle?

I’m not much of a Windows person though, but in general thats the area that I’d look into.

There is no need in Java for copy/paste operations in LibO.