Copy Cell to Clipboard

Hi, I’m very new in oobasic I just want to copy cell text in windows clipborad.


Schiavinatto has already answered this, but let’s put it in an answer (rather than a Comment) so that other folks can easily find a response to this basic question.

No need to use a macro. The answer lies within Menu options (or their Keyboard shortcuts). Here it is in step-by-step form:-

  1. Highlight the characters/items that you wish to copy
  2. Copy using one of the following options
    (the menu option is first, followed by the keyboard shortcut; either may be used):-

a. menu:Edit | Cut (Ctrl-X), or
b. menu:Edit | Copy (Ctrl-C)

(The difference between the two commands is that Cut removes the items after they are copied, whilst Copy only copies them)

  • The text/items are now within the Clipboard.
  • These commands will work with both text & entire cells.
  • Note that the items within the Clipboard will also have all formatting copied.