Copy cellvalue to end of another?

Ok have tried for a long time and patience is gone '=)
I have 2 columns that I want to merge together to one.

A                  B
20180925	03:00:00
20180925	03:30:00
20180925	04:00:00
20180925	04:30:00
20180925	05:00:00
20180925	05:30:00

Wanted result

20180925 03:00:00

I tried merge cells however I have 20000 rows and can not figure out how to merge multiple rows…
Have also tried with =concatenate(a1,b1) but I get error since time is not text???

What to do?

Several options.

  1. You may simply select both columns, copy, then paste as Unformatted Text (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V); make sure that Tab is not checked in the Text Import dialog’s Separator Options. Then you may replace tabs with spaces.

  2. If your time column has proper times, not strings, then you may use formula like =A1&" "&TEXT(B1; "HH:MM:SS"). If you need, you may convert the result from formulas to text then, using DataCalculateFormula to Value tool.

You are a monster eating LibreOffice for breakfast, lunch and dinner! =) Once again a big thank you!


Using answer from @mariosv from this post as a basis → how to concatenate 12 hr time and the text “AM” or “PM”, try:

=A1&" "&TEXT(B1;"HH:MM:SS")