copy clip text out of a pdf into libre office

I have scanned a sheet of A4 text and got a pdf --------Now I want to copy clip the text in the pdf and paste it into a libre office document—is this possible?

When scanning, you should use the OCR Scan function. This will give you a text that you can use as you wish.

will try this now - thanks very much kind regards, kevin

Different scanners, different software, different contents of the created pdf.

A real case:

I have the option to create a ‘Searchable pdf’. The scanner software makes additional use of OCR in the background then. The resulting pdf will contain recognized text in the background of its drawing page and the overall image in the foreground. To select text from such a pdf, I can use known pdf readers.

LibreOffice would open it with Draw. To see the recognized parts (often tiny pieces) I would need to remove the overall image…

Using my ‘Foxit Reader’ selection of parts is better supported.

BTW. With direct “Scan to text doument” I don’t get really good results from “technical” documents with tables and fields and… (in my case mostly medical invoices). The “searchable pdf” is the best solution then.

thanks very much - lots to go on in your answer- kind regards