Copy common data rows from 2 sheets to 3rd sheet.

I have data in two sheets. Some of the rows of these sheets are common. The common rows of these sheets should be copied to another sheet. For this, Compare the key values in corresponding cells of the sheets and copy the entire row to third sheet, when they match.

Hi pvrajesh,

here is the answer for you. I have created a sample document for you. With this you should be able to solve your problem.

I used a combination of aggregate and index. I am sure there are other possibilities.

I have added another Sheet4. Here is the same solution as in Sheet3. But I didn’t need an auxiliary column. Unfortunately, due to a bug, this solution is only possible from LO version 7.0 or older. So currently only with the beta of 7.0.

I hope it helps you.
Best wishes

Copy common data rows from 2 sheets to 3rd sheet.ods

Presumably the bug mentioned was tdf#129681.