Copy conditional formatting in Calc to create check list that whites out the item description

I’m creating a check list for procedures to be followed and would like the description of the procedure whited out when a check mark is entered in the next column.

I’m able to create the condition, but see no way to copy that format to other cells without referring to the original cell. When I copy the cell’s formatting to another, it always refers to the original row. The condition is set up in A2 as: Formula is
B2=“√” and Apply Style is set to white, which I created, changing the font to white, therefore becoming invisible. In other words, if I copy the A2 formatting to A3, the formula still refers to B2, not B3 and so forth.

The spreadsheet is arranged as follows:

Untitled 13.ods

Any help is much appreciated as it is cumbersome to rewrite the conditional format to many cells.

Adjust the formatting area. teste file|attachment

Thank you so much for your answer. Works perfectly!! I was trying to copy the format the way I used to in MS Office, but I guess that doesn’t work here