Copy entire column automatically

So I have Sheet 1 and Sheet 2.

Sheet 1 will have a certain number of columns and an unknown number of rows. I need to copy certain columns over to Sheet 2. So I go to sheet 2 and select A1 and type “=Sheet1.A1” and hit enter. Then I can drag that down to copy that formula into cells below.

My question is how can I automate that? I am dealing with dozens of columns and I don’t know how far down they go. In Google sheets you can do =arrayformula(if(‘Sheet 1’!A1:A,‘Sheet 1’!A1:A,"")) which copies whatever is in sheet 1 A1 to Sheet 2 A1 or leaves it blank if it is blank, and it continues to the end of your rows automagically. Does Calc have anything analogous to that?

Since the question wasn’t really answered. One way would be to manually enter a reference to Sheet1 cells in a row or two of Sheet2, ie, “=Sheet1.A1”, “=Sheet1.B1”, etc, etc.

Then select a large range of cells in Sheet2, then select Menu > Sheet > Fill Cells… > Down and it will continue the manual sequence automagically.

However, reading between the lines, the OP might have just wanted to copy the whole sheet. Ie, rightclick on the Sheet name, “Move or Copy Sheet…”

I figured out how to somewhat automatically do it with macros. In the Range selection box type Sheet1.A1:A123455 and copy that, then go to sheet 2 A1 and paste. And repeat for every column… Can’t figure out how to get it to create the new sheet automatically though.

Pretty sad that such a useful function isn’t present