copy object and underlying image in writer

Is there a way to copy writer drawing objects whilst including any overlayed or underlayed images?

In the attached document you will see some yellow highlighted text to help visually guide you to the problem. On the right hand side are some drawing objects which include some red circles with star type objects and some grey type images providing a fill effect within the Red Blood Cell.

As you can see in the attached writer document the drawing copy on the left does not include the images. Have tried this also by grouping the whole set of images and using "edit->direct cursor mode.

C:\fakepath\Lecture 2 - General Virology - Virus detection and cultivation (summary) #3.odt

Yes there are probably other ways of creating this image such as in LO draw, but I am trying to copy material from writer document to create notes for myself whilst maintaining the ability to mix components of drawings later on to visualise concepts.

you will see some yellow highlighted text

None in the document

the drawing copy on the left does not include the images

What do you mean? What are you trying to do?

Edit (don’t use an answer) your question to designate the objects with the name shown in the Navigator so that I can focus on them. Or, streamline your sample file to leave only the one problem object.

General remark: considering your skill level in LO, you’d get easier results with a simple text editor. If you intent to go on with LO, learn how to use styles and, among them, frame styles and their positioning possibilities (anchor and offset).

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@blashrkh Be aware that textboxes (i.e. drawing objects) can’t be “filled” with other drawing objects or raster graphics but only texts. As @ajlittoz stated you should better use frames for that purpose. Note that this maybe an outstanding difference to Microsoft Word’s textboxes which behave more like frames.


If you intend to go on with LO, learn how to use styles

For the first time it may be harder for you to respect the styles but when accustomed to them you never ever want to miss them.


As @Grantler pointed out, beware of vocabulary. If you come from the Word world, some identical terms may designate entirely different things. The various “boxes” in Writer pertain to the graphic domain (forms) and are completely outside the text flow. What is managed by text flow is everything able to receive a style: paragraph, run of characters, page, frame, list counter and to a lesser extent table (presently tables are handled like frames but can’t be styled - so-called table styles are in fact templates).

Thus styles, which are rigorously defined in Writer and go far beyond Word, are the basis for layout.

Don’t have enough points to upvote any of you, but thank you for your responses. Your contributions are very helpful. I shall go read the documentation to better understand. Thank you for being specific.