Copy object in Writer file

I have a Drawing object embedded in a Writer file. I want to copy this object in order to be able to embed a second instance of this object in the same file, on a new page (say).
However, by whatever method I attempt to do this, I always end up with an image of the object in my Writer file rather than a second (editable) object.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!

I’m using LibreOffice on Debian bullseye. I created the drawing in LibreOffice Draw and then embedded it in a new document in LibreOffice Writer using Insert/Object/OLE Object/Create from file.

Please edit your question to add technical information (OS name, LO version and save format). Tell us how you created the “drawing” object (in Draw application or directly in Writer using drawing tools) and how you inserted it if made in another application than Writer.

I cannot reproduce this (on Fedora 37 linux, A drawing object in writer will by default copy as an object that on double-clicking also shows the controls of Draw.

When doing Paste - Special, there is an option “Object (Libreoffice Writer Object)” but despite the name, this remains an embedded Draw object.

It could be an issue with your specific version. Considering that the current “Stable” version is 7.4.6, and the “Fresh” branch is 7.5.1, your current version is rather old.

I’ve now tried the same in a v6.4.7.2 installation running on Ubuntu 20.04 and it all works fine in the way one would expect - default copy/paste operations copy and paste the Draw object.
So it looks like my Debian install is somehow broken :frowning:
Sorry to have wasted your time.