Copy/Paste Broken in Writer

Good day, all. I’m running LO on 5.10.63-1-MANJARO, GNOME 40.0.4 with X11 Windowing system.

Copy/Paste commands do not work in Writer.

When text is highlighted and commanded to copy, the highlight disappears, but nothing is saved to the clipboard. Both keyboard shortcut and dialog menu actions have been attempted.

I previously used a Clipboard Indicator GNOME extension, which I thought was the culprit. I have uninstalled and rebooted, but it has not solved the copy/paste glitch in my copy of LO.

Please advise!

It looks like a bug. Please file a bug report on

Proceeded to file a bug per @kompilainenn’s advice; the form recommended I reset my user profile.

Resetting my user profile fixed this issue.