Copy paste column contents with column widths: Libreoffice crashes almost every time!

Mojave 10.14.6, LO

I’m working on a document wherein I need to copy/paste column contents whilst preserving column widths, however Libreoffice almost always crashes when I do this. It works fine when simply copy/pasting the data without column widths- no crashing, other than occasionally when the copy/pasted data is a rather large selection.

Is this a common problem, and what can I do in terms of a workaround? It isn’t practical time-wise for me to manually enter correct column widths for this particular project.

What I’m doing at the moment is to create an empty “skeleton” of the column widths by manually adjusting the widths of empty columns to the correct widths one time, then copy/pasting the empty columns (with widths) as many times as needed, then copy/pasting the data (without widths) into the skeleton.
Any alternatives?