Copy-paste does not work inside formula editor

[Running LO 6.3.2-2 on 64bit Arch linux]

[Addons: TexMaths v0.48, Zotero LO Integration v5.0, Wiki Publisher v1.2]

Except for the LO and add-ons’ versions numbers, nothing in that setup has changed in well other a year.

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Inside the Math formula editor (not the TexMaths editor) , kbd shortcut for copy (CTRL-c) does not seem to work well or at all. I.e. it’s erratic to the point of being completely unreliable.

Selecting portion of formula text inside the text editor and pressing key combination CTRL-c to copy, then CTRL-v to paste elsewhere in the same formula editor window or in a different one, results in nothing being pasted. Everything is as if nothing was consigned to clipboard about 8 times out of 10. I actually counted that other 50 or so attempts…

Doing the same by right-clicking and selecting contextual menus for copy and paste give identical results. In other words, kbd hardware is fine and works fine in any other app or terminal window.

As anybody seen that behavior and is there a workaround ? Cheers.

I cannot reproduce your problem (tied with 6.4.alpha). Try starting LibreOffice in safe mode (look at the Help menu): if everything works there, you’ll need to reset your user profile.

Do you have a clipboard manager installed? Try disabling it.

@ve3oat: I do not have a Clipboard Manager.
@RGB-es: Everything works satisfactorily in ‘safe mode’. Does reseting a user profile makes me lose my configuration for: autocorrection, dictionnaries, keyboard custom shortcuts, etc. ? I have lots of those.

@Cbhihe yes, resetting your user profile clears everything to the default configuration. You can, instead of deleting the folder with your user profile just rename it: this way you can recover some parts of it. Generally, problems in the user profile appears in the registrymodifications.xcu file or with the extensions. So try this first: close LibreOffice, go to the folder of your user profile (its location depends on the operative system you use, check the link provided) and move the file registrymodifications.xcu before restarting the application. If everything works now you’ll only have to redo your keyboard shortcuts.

Thank you ! Unfortunately just changing registrymodif....xcu did not do it. I had to rename my .../4/user/ folder and relaunch the application. So now I am rebuilding all my setup. :-S

I have not gone through the full profile-configuration in a couple of years and a doubt just cropped up; sorry if it is off-topic for this thread…

I just realized that with my US-English locale, no English language dictionary appears in the extensions manager under “Tools” Menu and among other dics I just installed. Does that mean that the US-En spell-checker is there and I can’t see it (perhaps because it is specified by default by my locale), or should I add it, just like I did for other languages ?

Probably LibreOffice is using some myspell dictionaries already installed, so it will not show on the extension manager. Just try typing something wrong in an English document to see if it works :wink:

the same problem just started happening on my machine as well. Running Manjaro linux and LO