Copy/paste drop-down list (cell range) without auto cell range adjustment?

LO 6, Mojave

I’m copy/pasting a drop down list from one row to the row below, however I want the cell range referenced in the list to stay the same, not automatically increase by 1- how can this be achieved?

For example say the range in the drop-down list in the row above is A1:A3, I want this range to remain the same in the pasted version of the drop-down list in the row below, not auto-adjust to A2:A4.


Did you write the address of range A1:A3 manually? In such a case, add a dollar sign $ before row numbers (A$1:A$3) or before each element of the range address ($A$1:$A$3)

This problem would not have occurred if you had used the “Shrink” button to enter the address (circled in red in the figure). In this case, the address of the range would immediately be entered in absolute coordinates


@appreciatethehelp is given another excellent answer mentioning relative/absolute addressing, like several times before. Please read the topic, as it appears again and again in your questions!