Copy/Paste email addresses

I copied my email from a document to paste into a website’s login (using the mouse, not ctrl-V)
It pastes as “email to: name@email” I just want my to paste email address, WITHOUT the words “email to:”

Yes, it does paste properly when I use ctrl-V… but it’s inefficient to keep switching my hand from the mouse to the keyboard & back again. Is there a work-around for this?

So the problem is on the website side, where it treats Ctrl+V differently from some mouse action?

As @mikekaganski suggested, this is not a LO problem.

Many browsers will (correctly) parse the text as a valid email address and prepend the “mailto:” protocol.

After further testing, it seems that Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V reliably copies only text, at least using Writer/Firefox.

You’re right about the problem being on the website side. In fact, it seems limited to one website. I do use Firefox, by the way.

I’ve recently switched from OO to LO, & I’m still finding my way around, testing to see what works & what doesn’t.

Thanks for your response.