Copy paste formula error

Dear forum,

using Libre Office calc. Source cell contains a formula. Copy and paste will paste the numerical value of the source cell into the target cell rather than the formula. Repeating copy and paste one time - sometimes needs two times - will paste the formula.

Libre Office
Build-ID: 1:6.0.6-0


Very annoying.

Thanks for any help.

Hmm. Working fine for me.

Does Edit → Paste Special (or Ctrl+Shift+V) with Formulas ticked work for you?

Yes, working fine as well

Unless you reassigned shortcuts or actions to Paste Unformatted Text, you probably use a clipboard “manager” (aka destroyer) that interferes and passes only the cell text around instead of the underlying mime types and object structure.

Hi erAck,

thanks for answer.

I used a clipboard manager. (Gpaste). After uninstalling GPaste everything goes fine.

Thanks for your help.

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