Copy/paste formula in writer table?

Hey guys, just wondering how to copy/paste formulae in a writer table?

I would like the formula to “adapt” to the new location, as it would when copy/pasting “formula only” in Calc.


Seems only possible this way:

  • copy formula from edit line without =
  • Hit F2 key in another cell ( = shows) and paste

Send a feature request / bug report.

Thanks for the input.
I shall do as requested regarding the feature request/bug report.

This tip is helpful, however I would like the formula to adapt to the new location, as it does when copy/pasting “formula only” in Calc e.g. if I copy the formula A1 + B1 into the next row down I want it to adapt to B1 + C1.
The instructions you gave copies the exact same formula referring to the same cells; A1 + B1 when copy/pasted remains A1 + B1.

I would like to know the solution to the problem mentioned by @appreciatethehelp. I also suffer from the same problem.

To copy the formula we must copy the entire cell, not only the text result.
To select the cell go to the “Table” menu, and under “Select” submenu chose “Cell”.
I prefer to use the keyboard: at the wanted cell, hold shift and press down arrow followed by up arrow.

Now we can copy the cell with the formula and paste it to other cells and Writer will adjust them.