Copy paste formula pasting previous result, any idea?

After importing an unformated file, I want to get the product of two columns with a basic formula (=D8*1000/E8) and Calc provides a correct result (say 31).
But when trying to copy/paste the same formula in the following rows, Calc shows the result of the first row (31) though the formula has been adapted to the new row (=D9*1000/E9) and the result should be diverse: If I write (as opposed to copy/paste) the formula in the following row instead, the correct result (say 9) is showing.
The spreadsheet contains 6 sheets, Calc was doing fine in the first five sheets (with the same formula) but not in the last one.
Any ideas?
OS=Windows 10
Libre Office Version : (x64)

The asterisk is used for markup to create italics so you need to show your formulae as preformatted text; use the 101010 icon.

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Any ideas?

yes - skip LibreOffice version and update. From my perspective a buggy release not worth to further investigate any problems, which may be fixed in more recent releases.

Paste Special selecting Only Formulas no longer works for columns even with $A1 (relative). It works for rows in either A1, or $A1(relative). Libre Office version

Please test in safe mode and if reproducible then please file a bug report, How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki

Then post the bug report number here in the form of tdf#123456

Sorry for the late answer, I found a workaround but will keep in mind your recommandation if a new issue.
Best, Ta

Thanks and I had done your recommandation obviously, but it kept bugging. Actually not the first time it happens, especially with “heavy” files, i.e. over 100 rows and or columns.
Best, Ta


June 14

Paste Special and select Only Formulas.

Paste Special selecting Only Formulas no longer works for columns even with $A1 (relative). It works for rows in either A1, or $A1(relative). Libre Office version

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Without a sample, I would guess that the column has been formatted as a partial date like YY or M or similar, displaying incorrect results, see attached spreadsheet.
DateFormattingDisplaysIncorrectResult.ods (10.8 KB)

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Thank you for responding. I couldn’t find a way to send a *.ods copy in Bugzilla. Attached is an actual copy. It has always worked correctly up until this latest version.

Copy and paste Example.ods (35.8 KB)

Hi @dbondo . It is expected that Column G will always continue to give the same result as it is looking only at itself, =AVERAGE(G3:G18).

I don’t know if G is supposed to average B:F, or B:F over 15 days, or comes from elsewhere.
What is column G intended to do?

Don’t use a simple paste operation. Use Paste Special and select Only Formulas.

If that really helped it would be bug though, copy&paste of entire cells including a formula with adapting relative references and giving correct result after should work and not need any Paste Special.

Hi and thank you for the answers.
For ve3oat, good to remind it, and actually I do so, using Ctrl+Shift+V in order to select an unformatted output / and or a specific item to paste.
To Opaque, I did upgrade to the latest version but I am not sur the older version was the reason. No definitive opinion, but I rather lean towards some corrupt/strangely formated data I have been pasting formerly.
My turnaound before upgrading to the newer LO version has been to open a new spreadsheet, paste data and do my calculations in it, and then copy paste the data in the older spreadsheet, and it worked.

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Sometimes, Calc might not automatically recalculate the cells after a copy-paste operation. You can force a recalculation by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F9.

Thanks for that, actually I gave up, shut down LO, and copied data in a new tab. A workaround rather than an effective response.
Best, Ta