Copy-paste .txt file bullet list and convert to libre bullet list...?

is there any way to copypaste bullet lists from .txt or .rtf file to LibreOffice so that you don’t have to remove dashes and spaces?

In MS Word if you convert .txt bullet list to Word bullet list, it removes dash and space from beginning but Libre Writer does not.


Go to menu Tools>AutoCorrect>Apply.

It is not working completely.

  1. it does change lines to ball bullets but not the Writer default bullets (dashes).
  2. it also does not indent bullets which is default behaviour of Writer and Word
  3. there comes much larger line spacing between bullets than is default behaviour
  4. when I go to the end of the line of last bullet and press Enter the expected behaviour is that a new bullet is created under that. But it does not create a new bullet, cursor goes to beginning of the line.

In the screenshot upper section is Autocorrected bullets and lower section is Writer default bullets.Also visible is text under upper section which I intended to be a new bullet but it came just a normal line.


AutoCorrect converts the plain-text bullets to somewhat conventional “Writer bullets”. To gain full control on the result, I suggest you disable AutoCorrect transformation once conversion is done. You still have your bullets but they are direct-formatting.

I suggest you then style your list. Remove direct-formatting with Ctrl+M after selecting the list. Give it a distinctive paragraph style (one of built-in List n is a good choice). Apply one of the list styles (the available styles are displayed in the style sidepane after a click on the fifth icon from the left in the pane toolbar). Customise the chosen style to your liking (notably the bullet character).

You can suppress one of the steps above by linking the paragraph styles to the list style in the Outline & List tab of the paragraph style.

You can also play with Format>Bullets & Numbering but since this is direct-formatting and “simplified” procedure for Word switchers, the way to do it is more complicated because conservative measures (compared to “styling”) have been taken to account for independent lists. This makes edits trickier.

For short text lines, remove the dashes and spaces selecting them with Block selection.
For text of more than one line, Find "^\- " and Replace with none.
Then apply style.