Copy/paste unformatted text from writer to gnome terminal


I am using libreoffice writer(5.4.2) to write documentation on software installation and configuration.

When I copy a piece of text that is in a bullet list from writer and paste it in a gnome terminal, the bullet is also pasted.

• cd /var/lib/pgsql/dev/data 
• vi postgresql.conf

In older versions of libreoffice the bullet was not copied.

Is there a way to copy unformated text from writer to gnome terminal ?


Not sure if there’s a good away around it, but I’m pretty sure they purposely changed the copy-paste handling of bullets recently, so this is probably related. This sounds like a flaw of the new approach. You may want to investigate on Bugzilla and create a report if none exists.

What sequence or method are you using to paste? Do you use the paste function of the terminal?