Copy/paste unformatted


Recently i’ve been having a problem where i select text from any other source other than Libreoffice and when i want to paste it unformatted (CTRL+SHIFT+V) it doesn’t work.

I then try the simple CTRL+V and it most of the time it does paste in a format i’m not interested in.

It’s not just the shortcut: if i right-click after copying, the paste option is grayed out, as if i hadn’t copied anything.

If i try it a number of times, eventually it ends up working. Or i sometime work around it by copying to Note pad and then on my writer document, but even then sometimes Paste is not available.

Can you please advise? Or fix it?

Thank you,
José Silva


Thanks for your prompt response.

Sorry, it’s Libreoffice (x64). Windows 10 HOME

Very similar, yes. Although the shortcuts, when the issue occurs, don’t work. CTRL+V somehow works more often than CTRL+SHIFT+V.

I’m gonna try 7.1.4. I had 7.0.6 because i tend to use the most stable version.

I’ll update if the problem persists.

Thanks again

And which LO version do you use on which platform? Sounds similar to tdf#116983 on Windows, fixed in 7.1.3.

Sometimes I have problems when copying from a PDF. I need to wait a few seconds after pressing Ctrl+C, then I can paste. Is your source document a PDF?

Nope. Any source. .pdf, browser, document title. Anything. I’m trying version 7.1.4. Should be fixed in this version