Copy & Paste working not correct

win 10 19043.1348 x64
i select some field and press ctrl+c
i select some other field and paste by ctrl+v
then i open notepad++ 7.9.1 (x86) copy some text with ctrl+c
back to calc document and press ctrl+v
i await calc will paste text from notepad ++ (clipboard) but it pastes the text from previous ctrl+c.
As i see field i selected at the step 1 is still selected, and i guess that’s why old value is still pasting.
How to fix this ?

Best guess: broken clipboard “manager” (aka destroyer) as in most of all cases.

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Any plans to fix the destroer ?)

You misunderstood. A clipboard manager is some piece of software that interferes with the system clipboard, like trying to provide clipboard history, but breaks functionality if not properly implemented; nothing that LibreOffice could fix. Find out if you’re running such thing and if you can disable it.

If you have set Press Enter to paste and clear clipboard in Options it might be a workaround for you (I don’t get the behaviour you see) or a way to test the clipboard.