Copy/Pasting Hyperlinks from Word - Bug Report?

We use software that copies Hyperlinks as RTF into the copy buffer and pastes them into a Office document. Under the hyperlink is stripped from the paste. (This did not happen in previous versions).
Some additional information. Copying an existing Hyperlink (to just some text: eg: GP-2323) from an existing RTF file does not paste the Hyperlink, only the text (all done within LibreOffice).
If I use Microsoft Word and create a Hyperlink to some random text and copy the hyperlink either from Word or WordPad and attempt to paste it into LibreOffice by right-clicking, the paste and paste special menu items are grayed.

Is this a known problem, is there a workaround? Is this a feature? or Bug?

This is a guess (as you appear to be using 3rd party software). Perhaps the fix to tdf#70318 has affected how you are copying from the RTF clipboard?