Copy small array (2x20, text, numbers and formulae) does not paste to new spreadsheet

I want to copy some headings to a new, different spreadsheet (not to another sheet in the same spreadsheet, which is no problem). It is a 2x20 matrix, with cells holding names, numbers and formulae (which basically sum some of the numbers in the matrix).

Nothing happens, whether I use Copy and Paste right clicks on the mouse, or CTRL-C and CTRL-V, simple paste or paste special with All ticked

What am I doing wrong please ?

which OS and which LibO version are you using?
what is for format of your source matrix? (xls, xlsx, ods…)

LibreOffice, running on W7 Ultimate, and using ods to a freshly opened ods. My point is that the 2 rows of column headings will paste into a new sheet in the same spreadsheet, but will not paste into a new spreadsheet. I had not thought of Move/Copy Sheet, and might give it a try.

Either create a new, empty spreadsheet first and copy/paste into it.
Or to copy a whole sheet to a new spreadsheet, right-click on the sheet name tab and choose Move/Copy Sheet; select Action Copy, select Location To document -New Document, click OK.

Thanks, w_whalley: this seems a mite cumbersome (have to delete rest of sheet) ~BUT IT WORKS.

Thank you very much.
And for my next question, how the … do you search this site to find a subject - or to find your own question if you were stupid enough not to click email the updates ?

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