Copy values from cell A1 from multiple sheets to cell B1 on the same number of sheets in a new file

Hi, I’ve been using libre office/ open office for years now, however, over the last few revisions, I’ve had a problem with the calc- Up until version 4.2.8 i was able to copy the contents of cell A1 from multiple sheets and use paste special to copy the values to cell b1 in another file with the same number of sheets selected. This is not working any longer, r at least I can’t get it to work. Help Please

Further, the sum of cells A1 from mulitple selected sheets is not showing on the statusbar any longer. I saw a similar question being asked and that person was able to get this resolved using 4.4.1 portable, but surely there must be a way of getting this to work in version 5.1 as well.

apparently it is listed as a bug -

Any updates- Is someone trying to fix this or must I stay with version 4.2.8 still?

Above mentioned bug #97158 has been fixed for master, 5.2 and 5.1.4