Copy writer text w/o hidden characters

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however, I have set up a file to single source similar to the second half of the example in

Libreoffice shows the correct text as hidden (first screen shot); however, I’m trying to paste into AutoCAD and the hidden text is carrying over, even unformated (second screen shot). I tried to copy into Impress with the same results (I can unhide the text).

I want to keep the other formating (numbering NOT shown) but not copy the hidden text.

Is there a work around?
LibreOffice with hidden text NOT shown

Don’t seem to be a solution, but I can’t find other way than to export as PDF, then copy from there.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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That’s what I did too. doing it three times when I can just copy it from the file seems redundant…

Copy in Writer will send all markup to the clipboard and also a version with markup stripped. If the other application does not understand ODF, it uses the stripped version where all formatting is removed, i.e. hidden text is plain text.

No solution to problem but for manual processing (be it through an export to an intermediate app or real manual job).

@LeroyG and @ajlittoz confirmed what I was seeing. Maybe I’ll request a “Copy Special” similar to what AutoCAD now does